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This day could be celebrated in Ukraine as  Children's Day, but not during the war. More than 200 children were killed in Ukraine in the last 3 months. The country has experienced a sharp increase in the premature birth and birth complications caused by acute stress. That is why we commemorate Children's Day by continuing to help maternity hospitals and perinatal centers in Ukraine purchase life saving medications.


Please donate at: United With Ukraine

UA Brokers Without Borders has been awarded a capacity building grant from the Black Sea Trust Recovery and capacity building for CSOs initiative. 

From the early days of our operation we have put ourselves on the mission to increase access to humanitarian aid for Ukrainian society, by treating the aid work as an end-to-end holistic process.

We review every need, carry out due diligence, provide mapping of adequate suppliers and donors, and arrange bespoke logistics to the end user. We develop the project fully to bring it to the point of definition, whereby if donor money is found, we are able to generate a targeted quick impact. 

We also “adopt” select local initiatives and non-profits, and help set them up with the donor support from abroad.

The Black Sea Trust support will enable us to scale UA BWB and broaden our impact in Ukraine.

Today at UA Brokers Without Borders  we are launching a new project that targets the needs of maternity hospitals and perinatal centers in Ukraine.

As a result of Russian hostilities in Ukraine, there is an increase in complicated and premature births, and doctors are forced to provide medical care to women and newborns in extremely limited conditions facing acute shortage of specialized medications.

Among other challenges, there is a rise of medical issues caused by poor sanitary conditions in the places where children stay and where they receive medical treatment.

The medicines that treat these life threatening conditions still can be bought in Ukraine. Prior to war, they were either provided by hospitals or acquired by people at their own expense. However, at the times of war individuals lost their income, and the government experiences acute budgetary constraints. This leads to a situation, whereby this part of the population is left without adequate medical care.

What a Solution is?

Together with Ukraine’s Association of Neonatology and Zarady Dytyny Foundation we have aggregated the needs of 32 children hospitals, selected the most critical medications in deficit that can still be bought in Ukraine still, and negotiated with medical distributors best prices. If we can find enough donations, we can almost immediately start delivery of these medications to the hospitals.


Curosurf - treatment of premature babies to allow them to breathe normally; 530 packages of this medication are needed per month, one pack costs $500/p.

Ampholip - treatment of infectious complications (fungal infections); 1100  packages of this medication are needed per month, one pack costs $85/p.

A Donation could be made at: 


This fundraiser is done in collaboration with the wonderful team of United with Ukraine United with Ukraine.

To scale the impact we are attempting to create, UA Brokers Without Borders and United With Ukraine are joining the forces on a shared mission to help provide better medical care to children in Ukrainian hospitals.

Today we have won a grant from the Committee for Open Democracy on behalf of the  City of Goodness Foundation. This has been part of our ongoing effort to support Ukrainian grassroot NGOs with access to foreign aid. The City of Goodness is an international crisis center for women and children in difficult life circumstances. The center provides shelter as well as legal, psychological and social support. Ever since the war started the City of Goodness has experienced a sharp increase in the inflow of refugees. It has now become a home for over 250 people (against ca 80 prior to war) - women and children, including orphans evacuated from the East of Ukraine after their  orphanage was destroyed. This grant is destined for purchase of 1-month worth of basic food items for the people staying at City of Goodness.

Today the last Philips’ patient monitors from the party of 35 were delivered to the Ukrainian hospitals. We are grateful to Philips Foundation  for provision of this invaluable donation and continued support of Ukraine!

Patient monitor is one of the most needed equipment types in Ukrainian hospitals nowadays. It is used for monitoring, measurement and registration of key indicators of vital activity in operating rooms, in intensive care units and in general wards as a bedside patient monitor.

The  monitors were delivered to 19 hospitals which were designated by the Ministry of Health as such with the most urgent need. Kyiv and Kyiv region hospitals received - 8 patient monitors, Sumy and Sumy region - 5, Kharkiv and Kharkiv region - 13 and Mykolaiv City - 4.

This delivery was organized with the support of our logistic partners - Ukrainian Catholic University (organized monitors’ delivery from Poland to Ukraine) and Zdorovi Agency (carried out monitors’ last-mile delivery).

The Ministry Of Health of Ukraine recognized our work in the field of bringing humanitarian aid to Ukraine among other amazing NGOs from Ukraine and the rest of the world.

We are proud to be able to work with the Ministry and the rest of volunteer organizations in Ukraine on our common goal.

Today we are happy to share that a 9-piece batch of VAC devices - one of  much-needed medical equipment used for wound care - arrived to Ukrainian hospitals. This is the impact of our collaboration with Alight Foundation  that has paid for the purchase, and with our partners at HelpUA and Zdorovi Agency that helped with the logistics. Thanks to these joint efforts VAC devices arrived at the hospitals in  record time - 1 week after invoice payment. Now VACs are distributed between 3 hospitals in Dnipro city, close to the war affected territories. This means that 156 patients can be treated over the course of the year with this high tech equipment for chronic wounds!

Multilateral partnership agreement reached between Project Hope, Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Darnitsa  


At UA Brokers Without Borders we’ve been advocating the idea that good aid is a sustainable aid. If foreign humanitarian missions intend to purchase and deliver medications to Ukraine, why not purchase them locally? Ukrainian companies are literally fighting to survive the current war, and every investment is vital for business continuity. In the last few weeks at UA Brokers Without Borders, we have been looking for international partners to subsidize manufacturing of medications for Ukrainian hospitals by a Ukrainian pharmaceutical company called Darnitsa. Finally an agreement of cooperation has been reached between Darnitsa, Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Project Hope - US-based international health care non-governmental organization.

Today is a day of gratitude, gratitude to people that pursue a noble mission - of helping others in need.


A month ago I met a wonderful Naama Gorodischer from IsraAID at the European Humanitarian Forum in Brussels. Naama is an experienced humanitarian leader, and has served in multiple previous disasters across the world. Naama embraced me at the forum and was carefully explaining to me ins and outs of how the work has to be done. After the forum we stayed in touch.


Some time after I got involved with a Ukrainian NGO called City of Goodness ( - even prior to the war they were supporting vulnerable women in Ukraine, providing them with shelter, food and medical care. When war broke out the facilities of this NGO were overwhelmed by an inflow of women and children fleeing the war. The shelter that was meant for 80 people, was hosting 200+. I reached out to Naama for help. Naama and her team - Netta Lev and Yan Serdtse - have listened to my recap of all the needs at the shelter and acted immediately. Today finally the precious supplies from IsraAid arrived to Chernivtsi in Ukraine. I have no words to properly express my gratitude to the wonderful team of IsraAID. Thank you so much for standing with Ukraine!

Today we welcome on board our newest team member, Yuliia Gurieieva, who will assume the role of an Operations Lead. Yuliia is a Ukrainian forced to leave Ukraine with her small daughter due to war. She is now based in Croatia. Prior to joining UA BWB Yuliia worked as Project Director, Strategy and Transformation Department at Ukrainian Railway.

“UA Brokers Without Borders” is a registered NGO with headquarters in the beautiful city of Espoo in Finland, a place of residence of our wonderful Olga Kuznetsova. 

Philips Foundation was one of the first ones to agree to work together with UA Brokers Without Borders on providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The Foundation has already agreed to donate around 600,000 euros worth of medical equipment to Ukrainian hospitals. Today a donation agreement for 35 Philips patient monitors has been signed between Philips Foundation and our nominated logistic partner in Ukraine - Zdorovi agency. With this agreement in place the valuable cargo will start its way from Warsaw to Ukraine.

UA Brokers Without Borders 1st Monthly Report - On February 24 2022 the lives of all Ukrainians changed forever and we entered a new chapter, a chapter of war, resistance, and joint struggle together with our compatriots. In those circumstances, UA Brokers Without Borders was born - a non-profit organization set up by a group of Ukrainian citizens united by the same cause - to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.


Over the course of this month we have flooded you with multiple posts, asks for donations, requests for connections etc. The time has come to share what we have accomplished so far.


We have sourced and/or arranged the delivery of the following goods to Ukraine:

- More than 1,000,000 euros worth of protective gear and equipment for the Ukrainian Army  

- More than 600,000 euros worth of free medical equipment for Ukrainian hospitals (patient monitors, mobile x-ray machines and ultrasound devices)

- 4500+ tactical tourniquets

- 350 individual first aid kits and hemostatic bandages.

- 20+ pallets of medications


Additionally, we have:

- Developed dozens of bespoke logistical solutions

- Collected ca. 150K Eur cash donations for several Ukrainian NGOs

- Setup a vast network of organizations united around the same strategic goals.

London trip - From Brussels UA Brokers Without Borders headed straight to London. London welcomed us like an old friend - with wonderful weather, free tube rides for Ukrainian passport holders, lots of old friends and new supporters.


Thanks to the city bike service we could squeeze into one day as many meetings as we could withstand.


And so, we thank Darren Jones MP for receiving us at the Houses of Parliament and carefully listening to all the varied needs we have now, for pledging to support the collaboration with UK businesses. Thank you, Darren, for your time and a very memorable tour inside the Houses of Parliament - we won’t ever forget it, especially that glass art that commemorates women’s inclusion into the voting process in the UK.


In London we finally could personally meet Lucas Kuziv, CFA - the co-founder of Enkidu project - an innovative B2B market place to streamline medical supply chain for Ukrainian government. It’s been fascinating to get to know what Lucas and his team have been working for 24/7 since the war started and now I look forward to working together with their team to scale the aid process and make it as efficient as possible given the circumstances.


We could finally also meet in person another person dear to our heart now - Mariia Kovalenko - with whom much has been done in the last month for the cause of protecting journalists on the ground in Ukraine. Masha has been an inspiration for an utterly pragmatic, no BS, action oriented approach from day one of war - 100% focus on saving lives and creating meaningful contributions.

European Humanitarian Forum in Brussels - Today UA Brokers Without Borders represented Ukraine at the European Humanitarian Forum in Brussels. This is a place where lots of great minds and officials meet to tackle varied humanitarian aid issues. Ukraine is being mentioned in all the sessions. That said, UA Brokers Without Borders was the only Ukrainian organization at the event today and was therefore 100% focused on creating maximum number of connections and potential partnerships for Ukraine.