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A modern portable ultrasound device has been provided to Zmiiv Central District Hospital


In August 2023, in partnership with the American foundation 'Direct Relief,' we successfully delivered a modern portable ultrasound device to Zmiiv Central District Hospital, located in the Kharkiv region.

Dr. Victoria Tsygankova, the ultrasound room physician, emphasized the utter importance of the equipment for providing palliative medical care.

Portable ultrasound machine

During the full-scale war, the Zmiiv community welcomed a large number of internally displaced persons, over 20,000, which significantly increased the influx of patients to the hospital. Consequently, the ultrasound machine is utilised daily. Unfortunately, among the patients, there are 'severe' cases. The portable ultrasound machine was especially needed for examining such patients. To date, it has been used for over a hundred examinations.

In addition to the portable ultrasound machine, we provided the hospital with water heaters, oil radiators, and infrared heaters. All of them are already in use at the hospital, improving the conditions for the patients.


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