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The war in Ukraine evolves quickly and critical needs change. We monitor the situation closely, and take guidance from our Partners, including the Government of Ukraine.


Please support our efforts to get critical aid to Ukraine today! 


Since February 24, 2022, the number of victims of war injuries, both civilian and military, has been steadily increasing, putting excessive pressure on the healthcare system in general and the rehabilitation system in particular.


It is imperative for Ukraine to develop a network of fully functional rehabilitation centers to treat adequately this new patient group.

Ukraine is preparing for the most challenging winter in the country’s recent history. 


Months of severe negative temperatures, combined with scarce and expensive gas, massive destruction/damage to houses, hospitals, critical heating infrastructure, millions of displaced people, and escalating war atrocities, would mean that Ukraine is  heading into another phase of a large-scale humanitarian catastrophe. Like never before, Ukraine requires the support of the global community. 


At UA Brokers Without Borders, we are launching the Winter Appeal to support local organizations, medical facilities, and communities by purchasing thermal blankets, winter clothes, power generators, all sorts of heating devices, and other vital supplies.

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Local Ukrainian volunteer and non-profit organizations remain the main players in addressing the consequences of the Russian war against Ukraine. Unfortunately, these players in the humanitarian ecosystem happen to be the least funded. They received only 0.0003% of overall worldwide humanitarian contributions. This is the reality we want to change at UA Brokers Without Borders. One of the important pillars of our everyday work is easing access to humanitarian aid for local organizations in Ukraine.

From the early days of our operation we have put ourselves on the mission to increase access to humanitarian aid for Ukrainian society, by treating the aid work as an end-to-end holistic process.

We review every need, carry out due diligence, provide mapping of adequate suppliers and donors, and arrange bespoke logistics to the end user. We develop the project fully to bring it to the point of definition, whereby if donor money is found, we are able to generate a targeted quick impact.

We also “adopt” select local initiatives and non-profits, and help set them up with the donor support from abroad.

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The Ukrainian hospitals urgently require essential equipment to provide care to wounded soldiers and for the civilian population. The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine has released an aggregated request for humanitarian aid to international organisations, i.e. defibrillators, portable ultrasound units, baby incubators, etc. In BWB we source equipment from the global manufactures and negotiate down the prices. We then find the donors who help us purchase such equipment for Ukraine.

Stress level and difficult living conditions led to the sharp increase in premature and complicated births  in Ukraine over the past 3 months alone.

Internally displaced people, including pregnant women, created a higher demand for medical services and additional pressure on the hospital infrastructure.

Reduction in state funding to hospitals, as well as currency depreciation, resulted in the limited ability to source needed medications.

UA Brokers Without Borders is working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Association or Neonatologists of Ukraine to help address the deficit of critical medications needed for adequate treatment of prematurely born children in Ukraine.

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