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UA BWB Structure

UA Brokers Without Borders (UA BWB) is an international volunteer organisation, initially established to connect donors and suppliers to fulfil humanitarian and medical needs within Ukraine (hence the name “Brokers”).

The core team of 8  volunteers, who are all Ukrainians living abroad, are working remotely from Brazil, Croatia, Finland, UK, Germany, Romania, Barbados and other countries, regularly connecting with partners in Ukraine.

Two legal  entities (non-profit associations) have been recently set up in Finland and Brazil, where two of UA BWB’s co-founders are based, with a view of eventually employing paid staff, fundraising, and funding charitable activities directly (via grants or aid procurement) in addition to “brokering” for other charitable projects.

The overarching governing body for all UA BWB activity is the Board of Advisors – a volunteer group of trusted non-profit leaders and other senior professionals, contributing strategic advice, connections, subject matter expertise, and keeping UA BWB team on track and doing the right things the right way.

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