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About Us


Who We Are

UA Brokers Without Borders is an international non-profit initiative, run by Ukrainians living abroad but carrying Ukraine in their hearts. It was created in February 2022 in response to the humanitarian disaster in Ukraine, resulting from the Russian aggression. We focus on urgent, grassroot humanitarian projects for Ukraine.

UA BWB Purpose

The fundamental reason for our organization’s existence

“We came together to unite our diverse skill sets, powerful global networks, passion for justice and steely guts to save lives in Ukraine and lighten the load of this unjust war.”


UA BWB Mission

Clear goal we are striving to achieve

“We proactively spot opportunities, connect the dots and quickly build bespoke end-to-end customer-centric humanitarian solutions for Ukraine via a network of partners, focusing on opportunities where we are best placed to add value and deliver focused efficient results.”

UA BWB Core Values

Principles, values, deeply held beliefs of the team



We do not get intimidated by the enormity of the challenge



We are decisive and can pivot quickly to serve the cause better and respond to new opportunities



We bring our true selves to everything we do, we trust each other’s pure intentions



This is bigger than us, we do this for our country and our people, for the greater good



We act decisively with great sense of urgency, we take that shot

UA BWB’s Core Values guide us in our decision making, actions and behaviors, and are applicable to all our employees, volunteers, advisors and board members. 

Our 5 A’s: Audacity, Agility, Authenticity, Altruism, Action.

Our Unique Value Proposition

At UA Brokers Without Borders our focus is the creation of end-to-end humanitarian projects. What this means is that we develop a comprehensive approach to modern humanitarian aid that rests on 4 key pillars:

1. Validated Needs

2. Proven Suppliers

3. Donors

4. Bespoke Logistics.

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