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Medications for maternity hospitals and perinatal centers

As a result of Russian hostilities in Ukraine, there is an increase in complicated and premature births, and doctors are forced to provide medical care to women and newborns in extremely limited conditions facing acute shortage of specialized care.

Among other challenges, there is a rise in medical problems associated with poor hygiene conditions in provisional medical centers and shelters where children spend their days.

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We are looking for donors to pay for  specialized treatment  for maternity hospitals and perinatal centers that would increase the survival odds of small children.

Amphotericin B «Ampholip»

- treatment of infectious complications (fungal infections)

Fungal infection for newborns is a life-threatening complication. Because there is a clear relationship between mortality and the start of antifungal therapy, which should be started immediately. In order to treat infectious complications (fungal infections) it is necessary to use a high-cost antibiotic Amphotericin B «Ampholip» , which will reduce the incidence of childhood morbidity. Delay of therapy for less than 12 hours leads to an increase in mortality by 10%, and for more than 24 hours - by 30%.

Manufacturer: Bharat Serums and Vaccines Pharmaceutical

Aminoven and Smoflipid

- used in intensive care for children in need of parenteral nutrition to meet the daily needs in proteins and fats

Due to active hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, the share of premature babies and children with pathologies has increased. In most cases, they have complications from the nervous, respiratory, digestive systems, and so on. In the worst case, without quality treatment, they face death. Therefore, to avoid such consequences, such children need special nutrition. To ensure the daily requirement of children in proteins and fats shown the introduction of intravenous drugs: Aminoven and Smoflipid.

Manufacturer: Fresenius-Kabi

Kanavit (vitamin K1, intramuscularly)

- prevention of hemorrhagic complications in newborns.

The risk of bleeding from the first days of life is often associated with vitamin K deficiency, which is not uncommon among newborns. To prevent bleeding according to the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 152 "Protocol of medical care for a healthy newborn child" shows the mandatory use of Kanavit (vitamin K1, intramuscularly) in all maternity hospitals in the first 24 hours of life.

Manufacturer: Zentiva


- treatment of premature babies with respiratory disorder, allows them to breathe normally

Babies after birth make the first cry, during which the lungs open. In this they are helped by a substance that lines the lungs from the inside and it is called a surfactant. In premature infants, the lungs are immature and do not have this substance. Therefore, to ensure the functioning of the lungs in such children, they are administered an artificially synthesized surfactant - Curosurf (intratracheal), which allows this category of children to survive and reduce childhood morbidity, disability and mortality.

Manufacturer: Chiesi Group

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