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Our Programs

The war in Ukraine evolves quickly and critical needs change. We monitor the situation closely, and take guidance from our Partners, including the Government of Ukraine.


Please support our efforts to get critical aid to Ukraine today! 

Ongoing programs

Following the start of the full-scale invasion, the Ministry of Health, international donors, and charitable organizations began to strengthen the material and technical base of healthcare facilities to ensure they are ready to face daily challenges and provide professional medical assistance. 

The situation is changing dynamically, and some critical needs have already been addressed. Unfortunately, hospitals still express the need for portable ultrasound devices, mobile digital X-rays, sterilization equipment, laparoscopic stands, multifunctional beds, and C-arms

Since the outset of the big war, the UA Brokers Without Borders team has been actively involved in procuring essential medical equipment for healthcare institutions. We continue to source medical devices from global manufacturers and negotiate the best prices for our country. We collaborate with several international donors who assist us in acquiring such equipment for Ukrainian hospitals.

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Despite the ongoing military operations in Ukraine, discussions on the country's recovery are actively taking place at all levels. Many have come to the realization that the war will be prolonged, and Ukrainians must adapt their lives to new conditions.

Currently, the primary focus should be on enhancing the capacity of communities, allowing people to live in their cities and towns, and ensuring that communities continue to develop. Therefore, to implement this project, we have decided to concentrate on repairing lightly and moderately damaged critical social infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, hospitals) in the most vulnerable communities affected by shelling.

So far, we have successfully replaced 1972 windows in 26 hospitals and provided 1800 OSB panels to cover broken windows in 18 hospitals. Currently, we are actively working on a project to repair kindergartens in the most war-affected regions.


From the early days of our operation we have put ourselves on the mission to increase access to humanitarian aid for Ukrainian society, by treating the aid work as an end-to-end holistic process.

We review every need, carry out due diligence, provide mapping of adequate suppliers and donors, and arrange bespoke logistics to the end user. We develop the project fully to bring it to the point of definition, whereby if donor money is found, we are able to generate a targeted quick impact.

We also “adopt” select local initiatives and non-profits, and help set them up with the donor support from abroad.

Implemented programs

Stress level and difficult living conditions led to the sharp increase in premature and complicated births  in Ukraine over the past 3 months alone.

Internally displaced people, including pregnant women, created a higher demand for medical services and additional pressure on the hospital infrastructure.

Reduction in state funding to hospitals, as well as currency depreciation, resulted in the limited ability to source needed medications.

UA Brokers Without Borders is working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Association or Neonatologists of Ukraine to help address the deficit of critical medications needed for adequate treatment of prematurely born children in Ukraine.

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The winter of 2022-2023 posed a significant challenge to the healthcare sector in Ukraine.

Hospitals faced a range of issues, such as electricity and heating disruptions, water supply shortages, constant attacks on medical infrastructure, patient migration, medical staff attrition, and a shortage of gas.

The UA Brokers Without Borders team proactively prepared for the winter of 2022-2023 with the goal of providing hospitals with alternative sources of power, efficient heating equipment, and assisting hospitals with insulation.

We were successful in securing $4.2 million in humanitarian investments and reaching 355 medical facilities across 23 regions in Ukraine.

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