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Winter is coming

Winter 2022/2023 will be the most challenging winter in Ukraine’s recent history. 

A combination of multiple factors is contributing to this forecast:

  • Negative temperatures are commonplace during the winter season in Ukraine

  • Normally, the heating season lasts six months, starting from October and lasting till March each year. During this period population relies on gas-fueled heating system.

  • Millions of Ukrainians now live in damaged homes or in buildings ill-suited to provide sufficient protection from harsh winter conditions.

  • Ukraine does not have a sufficient gas reserve for the coming winter season. And even if there is gas, its’ price might be unattainable to a significant part of the population impoverished by war

  • In some parts of Ukraine, the infrastructure is damaged to the degree that the government announced mandatory evacuation from those areas for the winter season. This affects almost 0.5 millions people in the East of the country.

  • Destruction also burdens the medical system. As of 25.08.2022 Ukraine’s Ministry of Health confirmed that 927 hospitals were either damaged or entirely destroyed by bombing. 

  • 358 objects of critical infrastructure of heat supply were bombed: 349 boiler houses (12 destroyed), 8 thermal power plants (4 destroyed) and 1 thermal power plant*

hospital destruction eng.png

UA Brokers Without Borders is launching Ukraine Winter Appeal

At UA Brokers Without Borders, we are launching our Winter Appeal to the global community to provide emergency supplies for local organizations, medical institutions and vulnerable population groups.

We will be buying:

  • Power generators

  • Water boilers

  • Heaters 

  • Thermal blankets

Help us help Ukraine at:

incubators IF .jpeg

Our progress so far

Our winter preparation  is well under way, we have already delivered to Ukraine 60 newborn warmer sets from Embrace Incubators. Those will be used in hospitals and ambulance cars around Ukraine to help preserve temperature of newly born babies.

alight incubators sumy.jpeg
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