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Our Policies 

At UA Brokers Without Borders, we place utmost importance on maintaining transparent and efficient organizational operations. Our policies are designed to ensure accountability, integrity, and adherence to ethical standards in all aspects of our work. Below is a brief overview of key policies that guide our operations:

Operations and Administration: We have established clear protocols for asset and equipment management, procurement processes, and travel arrangements to uphold accountability and transparency.

Financial Management: We follow robust financial management practices, including accounting controls, budgeting procedures, and donor finance reporting to ensure proper stewardship of resources and prevent fraud and corruption.

External Relations: Our policies regarding donor relations and gift acceptance underscore our commitment to ethical fundraising practices and maintaining positive relationships with our supporters.

Document & Information Management: Our organization maintains strict control over document management, including filing systems, digital preservation, and data security measures to safeguard sensitive information.

Human Resources Management: We prioritize fair and equitable practices in staff recruitment, performance management, and compensation policies to foster a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Anti-terrorism: UA Brokers Without Borders strictly adheres to legal and regulatory requirements, including prohibiting support for terrorism, to uphold our commitment to ethical conduct and social responsibility.

Our Addendum to Policies and Procedures Handbook outlines key principles and guidelines that govern our operations and interactions. Here's a brief overview:

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct: Our Code of Ethics sets forth the core values and guiding principles that define our organization's culture and behavior standards. Staff members are expected to uphold these principles in all their interactions and decision-making processes.

Sexual Harassment Policy: UA Brokers Without Borders is committed to providing a safe and respectful work environment free from harassment and discrimination. Our Sexual Harassment Policy outlines prohibited conduct and procedures for addressing complaints.

Conflict of Interest Policy and Form: Our Conflict of Interest Policy requires staff members to disclose any conflicts that may arise between their personal interests and the interests of the organization. This ensures transparency and maintains the integrity of our decision-making processes.

Anti-Fraud and Whistleblower Policy: We maintain a strict policy against fraud and corruption, providing clear procedures for reporting suspected misconduct. Our Whistleblower Policy ensures confidentiality and protection for individuals who speak out against unethical behavior.

Anti-Bullying Policy: We prohibit all forms of bullying and harassment within our organization, fostering a culture of mutual respect and support among staff members.

Confidentiality Statement and Form: We take the confidentiality of sensitive information seriously. Our Confidentiality Statement outlines staff members' responsibilities in safeguarding confidential data, and our Confidentiality Form ensures compliance with confidentiality requirements.

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