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City of Goodness

"The City of Goodness" was established in 2016 as a crisis center for women with children in difficult life circumstances. It was founded by Marta Levchenko, who believed that every woman in challenging circumstances if given proper support, can bounce back and get back on her feet. The organization provides women accommodation for themselves and their children, food, and medical care. Mothers also receive psychological help, job consultations, and coaching assistance.  The City of Goodness was established as a safe haven for women with children, where they can feel care, comfort, and access individual assistance to regain control of their lives, feel more confident in society, and take proper care of their children.  As a result, fewer children end up in orphanages. Before February 2022, the City of Goodness cared for 92 people - 62 children and 30 women. 

The war in Ukraine caused massive relocation of people from the East to the West of the country (the City of Goodness happens to be in the West). The City of Goodness opened the doors to people fleeing the war, and now on its premises, there are circa 260 people - 176 children (65 are orphans), 85 women - including disabled and injured. The government evacuated two orphanages to the premises of the City of Goodness due to heavy shelling in the cities of their origin.

At the moment, the City of Goodness is in the process of rapidly expanding its facilities to be able to fit three times more people.

They need:

- 2 more buildings (720 sq m) (are already in the process of construction)
- Bomb shelter
- Playground for children
- Winter shelter for animals

At UA Brokers Without Borders we have supported this organization by winning grants for their core work. We are also supporting them in fundraising for the facilities' expansion.

Learn more about City of Goodness:

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