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32 International Medical Exhibition Public Health 2023


From October 2nd to 4th, 2023, the 32nd International Medical Exhibition, Public Health, took place. Public Health stands as Ukraine's premier medical event of the year, providing a platform for business professionals, medical experts, government representatives, and healthcare institution leaders to come together. Each year, Public Health brings together over 300 leading manufacturers and distributors, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and equipment for diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, as well as a wide range of medical products and services. This year, the ongoing conflict has influenced the composition of participants and the international presence at the exhibition. The focus of the event shifted towards addressing issues related to the rehabilitation of war-related injuries, the restoration of medical facilities, and the infrastructural aspects of healthcare reform.

The exhibition featured a comprehensive scientific and practical program, offering more than 80 events designed to cater to medical professionals from various specialties. Additionally, there were informative masterclasses available at the participants' booths.

The UA Brokers Without Borders team was also present at the exhibition and actively engaged in seminars on topics such as 'Rehabilitation in Ukraine: New Realities and Opportunities' and 'Wound Care and Injuries in Wartime.'


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