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The results of the program implemented by UA Brokers Without Borders in partnership with Direct Relief are featured in the monthly bulletin of the Health Cluster

In November 2023, the Health Cluster published its monthly bulletin on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. The bulletin also featured the activities and achievements of the Cluster's partners, including the successful completion of a program to strengthen the infrastructure of frontline 🏥 hospitals. This was achieved through the supply of essential equipment for trauma diagnostics (ultrasound and mobile X-ray machines) and the enhancement of facilities with central sterilization units. The program was implemented by UA Brokers Without Borders in partnership with the health cluster's partner, Direct Relief.

Eight hospitals received mobile ultrasound machines, and one hospital received a mobile X-ray machine. Additionally, the central sterilization department of the Professor Rudnev Maternity and Child Hospital in Dnipro was upgraded with a modern high-capacity steam autoclave.

🔗 For a detailed report on the Health Cluster's activities in November 2023, you can refer to the following link - Ukraine: Health Cluster Bulletin #9 (November 2023)


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