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Crucial Medical Supplies Delivered to Feofaniya Clinical Hospital in Kyiv

In May, UA Brokers Without Borders, in partnership with Americares, delivered crucial medical supplies and consumables to Feofaniya Clinical Hospital in Kyiv, necessary for providing care to patients in critical state:

💊 Reserve antibiotics (colistin, piperacillin-tazobactam, and tigecycline);

💉 Albumin;

🧪 Rapid tests for determining bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

In the context of war, where the number of patients with complex infections is increasing, these resources will help the hospital continue to provide effective and timely medical care.

"Infections are a leading cause of mortality among those who survive injuries... Rapid tests for determining bacterial resistance to antibiotics will help make decisions two to three days earlier on whether to use a specific drug costing 7-10 thousand UAH per day. In a critical situation, rapid tests become very effective," noted Dmytro Yevhenovych Mykhailenko, a consultant on rational antimicrobial therapy in the infection control department at Feofaniya.

Feofaniya Clinical Hospital has been a top medical institution providing high-quality care for over 50 years. It is worth noting that from the first day of the full-scale war, the hospital has been handling the most severe patient cases. The number of surgeries has nearly doubled, and currently, over 50% of the patients at Feofaniya are people injured as a result of military actions.

You can read about how Kyiv's Feofaniya is tackling the challenges of the war by following the link


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