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Diagnostics equipment stream. Portable ultrasound device for Pavlograd Intensive Care Hospital

In the fall of 2023, in partnership with the Direct Relief Foundation, we provided the Pavlograd Central City Hospital with a portable ultrasound machine.

Pavlograd Intensive Care Hospital is one of the largest medical facilities in Pavlograd and nearby villages. Still, its role has strengthened because it has become a part of the evacuation route for people with war traumas from the Western Donbas region. In 2022, the hospital provided medical help to about 280,000 people; a good share of them were internally displaced. 

An increased number of patients caused a pressing need for essential medical equipment for initial diagnostics in the infectious department. Coronavirus, hepatitis, ARVI, intestinal infections, chicken pox and other diseases - the medical staff of the infectious department fights these "enemies" every day.

"It is incorrect to refer patients who may be at risk of infection to go to a regular ultrasound office. The patient will sit in line, but simultaneously, he can be contagious to others. Very often, we perform ultrasound diagnostics on patients with COVID-19; it is also wrong to "send" them for the ultrasound in the general waiting line. Therefore, such a portable device is very useful for us," says Teymur Osmanov.

A dedicated article about this delivery in the local press confirmed the importance of this humanitarian assistance.


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