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Portable ultrasound device for the "Center of Primary Health Care" of the city of Toretsk

Although the Toretsk community in the Donetsk region has been under mandatory evacuation for some time, there are still about 20,000 residents who are not ready to leave, even though they face constant risks of being killed or wounded by shelling.  The Primary Health Care Center in Toretsk works around the clock. 31 doctors, 68 nurses and 42 junior nurses remain to provide medical help. Four palliative care teams visit immobile patients who can’t reach the hospital premises. The facility desperately required means for fast diagnostics, foremost a modern and portable ultrasound machine, and we decided to address this pressing need.

“We use ultrasound device every day. Now, we can diagnose serious pathologies in a timely manner. Thanks to timely diagnosis, we saved a lot of people,” said Hanna Ryabova, director at Toretsk Center of Primary Health Care.

Ultrasound supply realized by UA Brokers Without Borders in partnership with Direct Relief was also mentioned in the local press.


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