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Portable ultrasound device for Voznesenska Multiprofile Hospital

Portable ultrasound device

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with the Americares Foundation, UA Brokers Without Borders has provided the admission department of the Voznesenska Multiprofile Hospital in Mykolaiv Oblast with a portable ultrasound device - the Orcheo Lite Ultrasound scanner.

The modern ultrasound device, in tandem with the doctor's expertise, enables precise diagnostics. Voznesenska Hospital is committed to actively nurturing the growth of its medical professionals in delivering urgent medical care. Through comprehensive training programs, the doctors can significantly broaden their skill set, evolving into what is referred to as "universal" practitioners. They can swiftly conduct ultrasound examinations, make accurate diagnoses, and promptly outline the subsequent course of action, ensuring seamless and efficient patient care.

Portable ultrasound device

"The portable ultrasound machine from Americares is a valuable addition to our emergency department as it allows for internal organ diagnostics without invasive procedures. This device possesses all the necessary functions and provides excellent image quality. Having such an innovative device in our emergency department, which serves over 1500 patients every month, is of great importance," said Ivan Leskiv, a surgeon at the Voznesenska Multiprofile Hospital.


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