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Portable ultrasound machine for Marganets City Hospital

In September, UA Brokers Without Borders, in partnership with American foundation Direct Relief, provided the Marganets City Hospital (Nikopol District, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) with a modern portable ultrasound machine capable of diagnosing a wide range of diseases.

Marganets is an area of active combat, making the timely assistance of doctors more crucial than ever. Modern equipment is a prerequisite for successful treatment and disease diagnosis, especially during times of war when medical professionals deal with urgent cases and provide aid in emergency conditions.

"Thanks to this device, assistance has become much more efficient as it is convenient and easy to use. For example, if someone comes in with lower abdominal pain, the ultrasound allows us to immediately see the issue and determine the necessary treatment. The doctor on-site can assess the required assistance: either conservative therapy or urgent surgical intervention. This saves invaluable time, which is crucial during treatment, as sometimes every minute counts," stated surgeon Dmytro Kamyenev.


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