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Supporting Burn and Amputation Patients in Ukraine

Thanks to our partner Americares, team UA Brokers Without Borders continues to support medical facilities that treat patients with thermal injuries and amputations.

Since February 24, 2022, Ukraine has seen a sharp increase in patients with complex burn injuries due to shelling and mine-explosive damage. Albumin is crucial for postoperative recovery, used to correct hypoproteinemia and maintain blood volume.

With Americares' help, we've supplied 16 medical institutions with enough albumin for three months of postoperative rehabilitation. One such institution is the Center for Thermal Injury and Plastic Surgery at the M. Pyrogov Regional Clinical Hospital, which is one of the leading centers in the region and provides highly qualified care to patients with thermal injuries and other complex cases.

The head of the center, Doctor of Medical Sciences Roman Chornopyshchuk, noted: "UA Brokers Without Borders was able to attract the attention of a powerful organization like Americares, and together with it, the charity has repeatedly provided and continues to help with those expensive means that are crucial in saving the lives of patients with burns of various categories and age groups. This is especially true for combined injuries with significant area and depth of damage."

Learn more about the center's new capabilities and patient care by following this link


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