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London trip - From Brussels UA Brokers Without Borders headed straight to London.


London trip - From Brussels UA Brokers Without Borders headed straight to London. London welcomed us like an old friend - with wonderful weather, free tube rides for Ukrainian passport holders, lots of old friends and new supporters.

Thanks to the city bike service we could squeeze into one day as many meetings as we could withstand.

Thank you, Darren

And so, we thank Darren Jones MP for receiving us at the Houses of Parliament and carefully listening to all the varied needs we have now, for pledging to support the collaboration with UK businesses. Thank you, Darren, for your time and a very memorable tour inside the Houses of Parliament - we won’t ever forget it, especially that glass art that commemorates women’s inclusion into the voting process in the UK.

The co-founder of Enkidu project

In London we finally could personally meet Lucas Kuziv, CFA - the co-founder of Enkidu project - an innovative B2B market place to streamline medical supply chain for Ukrainian government. It’s been fascinating to get to know what Lucas and his team have been working for 24/7 since the war started and now I look forward to working together with their team to scale the aid process and make it as efficient as possible given the circumstances.

Another person dear to our heart now

We could finally also meet in person another person dear to our heart now - Mariia Kovalenko - with whom much has been done in the last month for the cause of protecting journalists on the ground in Ukraine. Masha has been an inspiration for an utterly pragmatic, no BS, action oriented approach from day one of war - 100% focus on saving lives and creating meaningful contributions.



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