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Sterilization & infection control. Autoclave for Clinical Hospital for Mothers and Children named after prof. Rudnev

On November 17, 2023, the new autoclave was launched at the "Multidisciplinary clinical hospital for mothers and children named after prof. M.F. Rudnev" of the Dnipro city council. Thanks to the support of the Direct Relief Foundation, the hospital received a modern autoclave with a capacity of 450 litres.

The Professor Rudnev Maternity and Children's Hospital is known for its advanced pediatric surgery, including cardiology. In total, over 41,100 children received medical assistance here in 2022.

Thanks to the unique expertise of its medical staff and Dnipro's role as a hub on the medical route for war-injured patients from Donetsk, Lugansk, and Zaporizhzhya regions, in addition to children the facility started to treat adults as well. Since February 24, 2022, 2,890 war-injured people have received treatment in the facility.

Unfortunately, the hospital has been facing the issue of outdated equipment in the Central Sterilization Unit. Sterilization is carried out in 4 autoclaves manufactured in 1980, which could fail at any moment. The quality of the sterilization process does not meet current WHO standards, significantly increasing the risks of intra-hospital infections.

The hospital needed 2 autoclaves and 3 washer-disinfector machines, with autoclaves being the most pressing need. We identified that a 450-litre autoclave would be a game-changer and the first step in improving the sterilization process in the hospital.


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