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Today is a day of gratitude to people that pursue a noble mission - of helping others in need



A month ago I met a wonderful Naama Gorodischer from IsraAID at the European Humanitarian Forum in Brussels. Naama is an experienced humanitarian leader, and has served in multiple previous disasters across the world. Naama embraced me at the forum and was carefully explaining to me ins and outs of how the work has to be done. After the forum we stayed in touch.

City of Goodness

Some time after I got involved with a Ukrainian NGO called City of Goodness ( - even prior to the war they were supporting vulnerable women in Ukraine, providing them with shelter, food and medical care. When war broke out the facilities of this NGO were overwhelmed by an inflow of women and children fleeing the war. The shelter that was meant for 80 people, was hosting 200+. I reached out to Naama for help. Naama and her team - Netta Lev and Yan Serdtse - have listened to my recap of all the needs at the shelter and acted immediately.

Today finally the precious supplies from IsraAid arrived to Chernivtsi in Ukraine. I have no words to properly express my gratitude to the wonderful team of IsraAID. Thank you so much for standing with Ukraine!


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